When it comes to donations, the first thing most people think of is $.  We are not an exception.  We need an occasional financial donation now and then to help defray our operating costs.  But we don’t want to overemphasize things.  We try to approach our financial concerns in the spirit of the Gospel of Luke 1:1-11 in that we want to keep our costs to minimum and rely on our own resources as much as possible for the basic necessities. But when there is a shortfall, it’s nice to have some $ to fall back on in the form of donations.  Any time we think that we have more than enough donations for the foreseeable future, we will be making a donation of our own to Catholic Charities.

Another kind of donation which would be most helpful, would be your efforts to pass the word to your friends, family members, et al about OC.  As the old expression used to go “ where there is strength there are numbers”.   If each of our listeners could bring in 1 new listener each week, we would increase the size of the OC tremendously.  And then we believe that the Communion of Saints would be most pleased!

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Dr.Gianna Emanuela Molla, daughter of Saint Gianna Beretta Molla,
at the shrine named after her mother in the Nativity of Our Lord Parish in Warminster, Pa. [USA]
on 7/17/2016 with our frequent guest co-host, Charlie DeFeo.