Pro-Life America Radio

Oremus Communications is honored to partner with Pro-Life America Radio in our shared mission to save the lives of the unborn. Pro-Life America Radio founder and host John Williamson, had its first live pro-life podcast on February 25, 2016. It’s now believed to be the largest exclusively Internet-based show dedicated to interviewing leaders in the pro-life community and amplifying the pro-life message across America.

John is a lawyer who defended the first male to seek the birth of his child when the mother wanted to abort.

John has been a pro-life leader in St Pius X Parish in Broomall and throughout Delaware County, PA since the early 1980s.

John leads by example and spends his own money to save the lives of the unborn.

We invite everyone to find out more about the pro-life mission and the protection of the unborn. For more information, please explore our website -